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Buy Chloromycetin (Chloramphenicol) anti-infective medication
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There is a list of medications containing "Chloramphenicol" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of the products Lists of Chloramphenicol medications The last trade name of the products
Abefen Abefen - Albumycetin Albumycetin
Alcan Alcan - Anacetin Anacetin
Andrecin Andrecin - Austracil Austracil
Austracol Austracol - Brumycetin Brumycetin
Brymycentin Brymycentin - Chemocetin Chemocetin
Chloment Chloment - Chloramficin Chloramficin
Chloramfilin Chloramfilin - Chloramphenicol (Beltapharm) Chloramphenicol (Beltapharm)
Chloramphenicol (Bidiphar) Chloramphenicol (Bidiphar) - Chloramphenicol (Jean-Marie Pharmacal) Chloramphenicol (Jean-Marie Pharmacal)
Chloramphenicol (Lafayette Pharmaceutical Laboratory) Chloramphenicol (Lafayette Pharmaceutical Laboratory) - Chloramphenicol (Pharimexco) Chloramphenicol (Pharimexco)
Chloramphenicol (Prem Pharmaceuticals) Chloramphenicol (Prem Pharmaceuticals) - Chloramphenicol (Vetoquinol) Chloramphenicol (Vetoquinol)
Chloramphenicol (Xepa-Soul Pattinson) Chloramphenicol (Xepa-Soul Pattinson) - Chlornicol Chlornicol
Chloro-25 Vetag Chloro-25 Vetag - Chlorocol Chlorocol
Chlorofair Chlorofair - Chlor-Oph Chlor-Oph
Chloroptic Chloroptic - Chlorphen Chlorphen
Chlorphenicol Chlorphenicol - Cloramfen Cloramfen
Cloramfeni Cloramfeni - Clorampast Clorampast
Cloramphenicol Cloramphenicol - Clorampler Clorampler
Cloran Cloran - Clorazin Clorazin
Clordil Clordil - Cloromisan Cloromisan
Clorosintex Clorosintex - Comyetin Comyetin
Cosmycin Cosmycin - Detreomycine Detreomycine
Dexoren Dexoren - Economycetin Economycetin
Edicol Edicol - Enkacetyn Enkacetyn
Entechlor Entechlor - Feniclor Feniclor
Fenicloran Fenicloran - Gerafen Gerafen
Globenicol Globenicol - Ismicetina Ismicetina
Isophenicol Isophenicol - K-Biofen K-Biofen
Kemiceline Kemiceline - Klorocid S Klorocid S
Koro Koro - Levomycetin (Bryntsalov-A) Levomycetin (Bryntsalov-A)
Levomycetin (Chew Brothers) Levomycetin (Chew Brothers) - Levomycetin (Organic) Levomycetin (Organic)
Levomycetin (Pharmstandard-Phytopharm-NN) Levomycetin (Pharmstandard-Phytopharm-NN) - Loromisan Loromisan
Loromisin Loromisin - Microcetina Microcetina
Micromycetin Micromycetin - Naxo Naxo
Nicol Nicol - Ocuchlor Ocuchlor
Ocu-Chlor Ocu-Chlor - Omycet Omycet
Opclor Opclor - Optafen Optafen
Opthomycetin Eye Opthomycetin Eye - Osochlor Osochlor
Otachron Otachron - Paraxin DS Paraxin DS
Paraxin DT Paraxin DT - Phenimycin Phenimycin
Pheny Pheny - Qclor Qclor
R E C O R E C O - Septicol Septicol
Serviclofen Serviclofen - Sno Phenicol Sno Phenicol
Solufen Solufen - Synthomycetine Synthomycetine
Synthomycin (Biosynthesis) Synthomycin (Biosynthesis) - Thilocanfol C Thilocanfol C
Thilocof Thilocof - Tycol Tycol
Tyfomycine Tyfomycine - Vanafen Vanafen
Vanafen Otologic Vanafen Otologic - Visalmin Visalmin
Vistachlor Vistachlor - Zycol Zycol

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